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Seon-Gi Baek is a professor of the Department of Journalism and Communication Studies, College of Social Science, Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, Korea. He got B.A. at the Department of Journalism and Communication Studies, Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, Korea; M.A. and A.B.D. at Graduate School of Journalism and Communication Studies, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea; and Ph.D. at the Department of Communication Studies, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, U.S.

His main interests are news reporting, mass media coverages, mass culture, Cultural Studies, and international and intercultural communication. He has specially been interested in analyzing various media coverage with various semiotic research methods. He has presented hundreds of research papers in domestic and international academic conferences, and published many books such as News Reporting and Semiotics (1995), Media Coverage, Elections and Semiotics (1997), Media Coverage, Politician and Myth (1998), Television Culture and Semiotics (2002), Television News Coverage and Picture Image (2004), Media Coverage, Ideology and Myth (2004), Mass Culture: Pleasure of Semiotic Adventure (2004), Television News, Images and Semiotics (2004), News, Signs and Culture (2004), Media Coverage and Semiotics (2007), Film Semiotics I (2007), Film Semiotics II (2010), Advertisement Semiotics (2010), Media: Pleasure of Semiotic Adventure (2010), Media Semiotics (2015), Mass Culture (2015), Media Discourse (2015) etc.

He got the Best Publishing Book Award (Media Coverage, Election and Semiotics, 1998), and the Best Translated Book Award (What is Cultural Studies, 2000) from the Korean Society for Journalism and Communication Studies. He also got the SKKU Teaching Award from Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, Korea.

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