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2013 WCA Conference in Seoul

2013 Seoul Conference. 30th Anniversary Celebration

August 8-12, 2013. A Post-Conference Study Tour followed from August 13-16.

The Seoul Conference celebrated the 30th anniversary of the founding of the WCA.  With the theme “Intercultural Communication in the Global World,” it was held at Sungkyunkwan University, priding itself as the oldest university in East Asia in Seoul, Korea, from August 8 to 12, followed by a post-conference tour around the Korean peninsula from August 13 to 16.  Special celebratory events provided wonderful opportunities for every participant to honor the founders, strengthen the organization, and enlarge networks among members representing 18 countries from all around the world.

After welcome messages by our WCA President Dr. Carolyn Calloway-Thomas  and our former Secretary-General Dr. Carmencita P. Del Villar, a keynote speech and a congratulatory remark by Sungkyunkwan University President Dr. Kim Jun-young, a keynote speech was delivered by Dr. Park Myung-seok, a founding father of the WCA and Chairman of Beautiful Community Incorporated Association, on the topic “Peace and Co-Prosperity in Northeast Asia.”

At the conference, our past President Caroline Hatcher and Professor Patsy McCarthy created a special program to remember and honor the “Band of Brothers” whose passion and vision made the existence of the present WCA possible.   A special tribute presided by Professor Lynda McCroskey  was paid to our esteemed founder and eminent scholar, Dr. James McCroskey, who passed away this year.

The 2013 Seoul conference launched its Inaugural Issues Forum with the theme “The Great Divide: Income Inequality and What It May Mean for Global Society.”  A distinguished panel of scholars and professionals interrogated the topic and all the conferees had ample opportunities to participate in the dialogue, which made this event a really provocative and stimulating one.

Our WCA President, Dr. Carolyn Calloway-Thomas, thanked those people who joined in orchestrating details of this international conference, including WCA Vice President Seon-Gi Baek, Professors Eun-Kyung Choi and Young-Ok Lee, other Korean colleagues, and the staff of Sungkyunkwan University.

Dr. Carmencita P. Del Villar, as Secretary-General, worked vigorously and indefatigably to create outstanding sessions and events for this conference. Dr. Calloway-Thomas testified that  her meticulous and dedicated works were invaluable in materializing this important international conference.


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