Outstanding Research and Teaching Awards

With the generosity of one of its founding fathers, Professor Myung-Seok Park, at each biennial meeting, the World Communication Association presents CASH awards and honors for quality research papers in the field of intercultural communication. The paper awards are the following:

  • Best Qualitative Paper
  • Best Quantitative Paper
  • Best Theoretical /Praxis Paper
  • Best Overall Paper

Other awards are presented for outstanding oral presentations in the following categories:

  • Best Student Conference Presentation
  • Best Non-Native English Conference Presentation
  • Best Overall Conference Presentation

Myung-Seok Park Distinguished Service Award 

  • Recognizes exceptional and outstanding service to the Association and to the intercultural communicating profession.


Journal of Intercultural Communication Research

WCA Newsletter

 Graduate Student Support/Mentoring Program

 Helps graduate students develop robust  skills  in  research and teaching.

Issues Forum Outreach

The purpose of the Issues Forum is to convene professors, students and lay professionals at each WCA conference site to discuss important global issues that impinge upon intercultural communication and world peace.  At the 2013 conference in Seoul,  discussion centered on the  topic,  “The Great Divide: Income Inequality and what it May Mean  for Global Society.”

Cultural Exchanges

Cultural exchanges are absolutely crucial to the mission of the WCA. At each conference site, we visit local communities, participate in citizenly exchanges, and tour country sides in order to promote meaningful dialogues and foster peace worldwide.

Empathy Matters Project (EMP)

This signature empathetic literacy program focuses on knowledge and information-based skills that help global citizens respond to and manage intercultural encounters caringly and competently.