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“I am glad that I attended the WCA conference in 2013. I not only was able to present my paper in a session chaired by a professor whose work I read in the past (Professor Monfils), but I was also able to see Drs. Judy Pearson, Paul Nelson and Melissa Beall, whom I had met in the past through my previous Master’s degree advisor, Dr.  Bill Seiler.  Melissa was kind enough to “mentor “ me during a break, asking what my impressions of WCA were so far. . . an additional factor in my decision to actively participate in future conferences is the fact that I met other international scholars and graduate students, and the smaller size of the conference allows for more in-depth and meaningful conversation.”

(expressions regarding the 2013 30th Anniversary Celebration of the WCA in Seoul, South Korea)

Professor Ester Yook, University of Mary Washington, USA

“What surprised and inspired me was that I found a genuine sense of openness to learn about other cultures, a feature that I have found in few other professional association.   But my experience is just part of a bigger picture I am reminded of the assertion of feminist Susan Bordo, who suggested that we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us.”

(comments on the first WCA conference she attended)

Immediate Past President Caroline Hatcher, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

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