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Q?What is WCA?

WCA is dedicated to the improvement of communication worldwide by linking those people who hold common professional and personal interests. You can find more information About us, in our Constitution and By laws.

Q?How can I join the WCA?

You can fill in the application form that is located here.

Q?How can I join conference?

Please look for forthcoming announcements regarding the 2015 conference, which will be held in Lisbon, Portugal from July 30-August 3.  A post-conference study tour of Portugal  will follow from August 4-8.  Registration materials about hotels, fees and tours  will accompany the conference announcement.

Q?What is included with registration?
  • Access to all conference plenary sessions, paper presentations, and Issues Forum
  • A printed convention program
  • Attendance at Park Family Awards closing ceremony
  • Access to Graduate Student mentoring programs
  • Access to cultural performances
  • Reception sponsored by Taylor & Francis, publishers of WCA’s Journal of Intercultural Communication Research
Q?Are other additional fee options available with registration?

In addition  to standard registration fees,  the following activities are prorated based on member choices.

  • One-day cultural tour of the host city
  • Access to  onsite lunches
  • Attendance at a  special banquet   featuring   local cuisine and  cultural performers
  • Round trip transportation from hotels to convention site
Q?How do I register for the 2015 WCA conference in Lisbon, Portugal ?

Registration will open in February 2015 and will be posted online. Onsite registration will also be available, but at a higher fee.****

Registration Policies

  • Refunds will be issued for registration fees  only  if there are  emergencies (including a $50.00 processing fee), and must  be requested in writing.
  • Members who  sign-up to participate in post-conference study tours will be issued refunds based on the policies of   sponsoring Tour Companies.  Fees  are prorated based  on percentages and  distance from actual tour dates.

**** Individuals  who present papers and attend sessions at the World Communication Association must  be members of the  organization.

Q?How do I choose local hotels?

WCA  selects  and recommends  local hotels in 3 to 4  categories, based on international  hotel ratings,  including:

  • 4-star hotels
  • 3-star hotels
  • Medium-priced hotels
  • Basic standard fare hotels

Standard international hotel room types are  available, corresponding to the following categories:

  • Single rooms
  • Double rooms
  • Suite/Executive level rooms

Cancellation policies reside with  specific local hotels.

Q?How do I get from host city airports to conference hotels?

WCA provides specific  information about  bus, train and taxi  transportation  from airports to hotels, as well as travel  tips.

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