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About Us

WCA members are convinced that to maintain peace throughout the world there must be a mutual understanding among people of the world that grows from individual and group interaction.

WCA believes that one effective way to begin this worldwide exchange is by establishing individual and scholarly contacts among people and across all national and cultural boundaries.

WCA is dedicated to the improvement of communication worldwide by linking those people who hold common professional and personal interests.

What better way is there for persons dedicated to the improvement of communication than through membership in an association that emphasizes and personfies common interests among all people and across all national and cultural boundaries?

In a worldwide communication association, with international and intercultural emphasis, you, too, can make a world of difference!

How to join

WCA members are professionals around the world who are interested in the study, teaching and/or practice of communication. They are teachers in formal schools and colleges, informal groups, associations and institutes.
Members are especially interested in various aspects of speech communication:

FORMS: one-to-one conversation or conference; small group discussion; public speaking; acting and oral reading.

SETTINGS: interviews; small group meetings; seminars; public assemblies; political campigns; classrooms and lecture halls; theatres; business and community organizations; mass communication; and international and intercultural environments.

PURPOSES: speaking, reading aloud or acting to entertain; speaking to inform,inquire, and exchange information; and speaking to persuade; or sustain loyalties and convictions by influencing attitudes, beliefs, and values.

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The name of the organization shall be the World Communication Association.


1. The purposes of the World Communication Association are:

a. to ensure and support research, teaching and practice of communication in all forms and circumstances;

b. to maintain a special appreciation that in an increasingly interdependent world we are all increasingly dependent for peace and understanding upon reasoned communication in international and intercultural

c. to further public understanding and support of academic inquiry and training in communication for these ends in all schools, colleges and appropriate private institutions;

Check the whole constitution.

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