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2017 WCA Myung Seong Park Awards


Top Presentation:

Irina Sergeevna Morozova, “Specificity of scientific political metaphor (A Case Study of A.J. Gregor’s scientific article, ‘Roots of revolutionary ideology’”)

Mariya Savelveya “Gender Difference in parliament of Kyrgyz Republic”

2nd Top Presentation:

Olga Shen, “Uses and gratification of Instagram users”

Amal-Sher Kurbanov, “Testing different communication channels to popularize a mobile application in Kyrgyzstan, on the case of “Meals” mobile application”

3 rd Top Presentation:

Lana V. Kulick, “Protest communication in Trump’s America: not for Tea Party only”

Kumbat Bolotpekova, “Development of social networks in the work of the media”

Honorable Mention:

Kum-Ryang & Seon-Gi Baek, “Representation of conflict between corrupt governmental power and the public and semantic structure of its relation change: a semiotic analysis on The Attorney and Culture New Trial Korean films

Pisit Steeprasert & Seon-Gi Baek, “Asian sense in the Hollywood films: an ideological approach on the film The Last Samurai and Memoir of a Geisha with narrative analysis”

Talgat Subanaliev, Elira Turdubaeva, & Stephen Michael Croucher, “An Exploratory analysis of argumentativeness in Kyrgyzstan”

Moniza Waheed, Online Threats and risky behavior from the perspective of Malaysian youth”

Full papers

Top Papers:

Zahra Farhhioudi, Wai Hsien Cheah, Min Liu, Work and Family-Life Balance of Iranian Women: Professional and Relational Identities

Moniza Waheed, “Online Threats and Risky Behavior from the Perspective of Malaysian Youth”

2nd Top Papers:

Tingling Shen & Stephen Croucher, “A cross-cultural analysis of teacher confirmation and student motivation in China, Korea, and Japan”

Pisit Sreeprasert & Seon-Gi Baek, “Media Representation, Thai Cuisine and Korean Cuisine and Inter-Cultural Implication: A Comparative Study on Thai Cuisine and Korean Cuisine through Media Representation”

3rd Top Papers:

Ezhar Bin Tamam, Moniza Waheed, Jusang Bolong, Hanina Hamsan, “Predicting Civic Responsibility from Curricular/Co-curricular Diversity Engagement and Peer Civic Talk among Final Year Undergraduates of Five Malaysian Public Universities”

Kum Ryang Kang & Seon-Gi Baek, “TV talk show, conflicts between mother-in- law and daughter-in- law, and sub-cultural implications: A discourse analysis on <Welcome to Mother-in- law>, a TV Talk show”

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