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List of 2017 WCA Conference awards

The 2017 WCA Conference has passed and it's time to check the awards.


2019 WCA Conference

Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand

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What does intercultural dialogue look like?

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Communication Support

Our aim is to maintain peace throughout the world, facilitate intercultural dialogue, ensure and support research, teaching and practice of communication in all forms and circumstances.


Member responsibilities

  • Conduct research
  • Foster intercultural communication skills
  • Promote peace and understanding
  • Improvement of communication worldwide


Journal editing and publications

Our members are actively engaged in scholarly research. They are published in the international comminication journals such as WCA’s Journal of Intercultural Communication Research.



Outstanding Research and Presentation Awards

As you participate in the biennial conventions of WCA, you are able to get various benefits such as Myung-Seok Park Outstanding Scholarships, Pearson and Nelson Competitive Scholarship Award. etc.


Happy New Year!

president of WCA

Seon Gi Baek, Ph.D.
President, World Communication Association
Prof., Dept. of Jour. & Comm. Studies,
College of Social Science,
Sungkyunkwan Univ., Seoul, Korea

Dear the whole of members of WCA:

Happy New Year!

I hope that all of you have a great time on this beautiful holiday season. With new visions and hopes you will expect more glorious time on the new year of 2018.

First of all, as I retrospect the year of 2017, it must be a great historical turning point of the history of WCA. With full of supports and sacrifices of members of the Local Committee of the 2017 WCA Conference, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, it was one of the most successful conferences ever in the history of WCA conferences. Many distinguished scholars from the whole of the world participated there to present their papers, discuss various controversial issues, and share many insightful ideas with other participants. Especially, many young scholars and active graduate students also joined such kind of academic public-square to discuss many important issues of various communication studies with perspectives of young generations’, and suggest their new and challengeable ideas.

On the new year of 2018, the WCA will have many new visions and plans. As you know, it is now in the middle of electing new Regional Vice-Presidents for the next four year term. It is so exciting that we will have new Regional Vice-Presidents from the Continents of the world including Malaysia’s. According to By-Law of WCA’s, it is expected that new Vice-Presidents will be elected. It is very sure that they will input many new ideas and creative plans to lead the WCA as a top-tier level of international academic association. I hope that you will pay more attention to this election, consider seriously many candidates for the Vice-Presidents, and vote for highly qualified Vice Presidents.

As you have already known, the 2019 WCA conference will be held at Wellington, New Zealand. It also expected that the New Zealand’s Local Committee should surely prepare it well. Around the middle of July of this year, I and some members of the Executive Committee of the WCA will visit its site, and check out many things for making it another successful conference. We will discuss several crucial and important issues regarding ‘main theme of the conference’, ‘date and duration of the conference’, ‘conference venues and supporting facilities’, ‘registration fees’, ‘cultural activities’, ‘post-conference tour’, etc.’ with members of the Local Committee of the 2019 WCA conference.

Throughout the whole year of 2018, the WCA will set various new executive and managing systems to create the WCA a highly advanced international organization. Through the Meeting of Board of Directors, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, 2017, many creative ideas and inventive plans were suggested by its members. Around the middle of 2018, various committees of the WCA will report several converged outcomes to you. I believe that such new outcomes will change the WCA a more attractive globalized organization, especially for the whole of members of WCA.

On the new year of 2018, the WCA will continue to develop for more steps further!

For developing further, the WCA needs your strong concern and active participation. I hope that you will join and support this kind of change and progress with strong belief and great confidence. We – you and I – will work together to make the WCA our lovely and friendly international association.

Again, hopefully, you have a great time with your family on the most exciting season.

Best hopes,

Seon-Gi Baek
President of WCA

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