Call for Papers, Panels, and Abstracts

The World Communication Association
Invites you to join us as we celebrate our 32th Anniversary.
2017 Biennial Conference
August 2-6, 2017

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WCA-North America 2016 Conference

Communication and culture in a sustainable world, August 2-5, 2016, RBC Convention Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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Dr. Aneliya Dimitrova, Independent Researcher, Communication Specialist and Copywriter, commemorates Dr. King with a special essay that speaks globally.

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Communication Support

Our aim is to facilitate intercultural dialogue, ensure and support research, teaching and practice of communication in all forms and circumstances.


Member responsibilities

  • Conduct research
  • Be engaged
  • Foster intercultural communication skills
  • Promote peace and understanding


Journal editing and publications

Our members are actively engaged in scholarly research and publishing in known journals such as WCA’s Journal of Intercultural Communication Research.



Outstanding Research and Teaching Awards

With the generosity of one of its founding fathers, Professor Myung-Seok Park, at each biennial meeting, the World Communication Association...


First Words from President Seon Gi Baek

president of WCADear Friends and Colleagues of WCA: Warmest Greetings! Happy New Year! The new year begins now as well as the new year of WCA starts. I hope that all of members of WCA will have great times at the new year with new hopes and visions. The WCA will be developed through your cares and concerns. As the new President of WCA, I will try my best develop the WCA on the basis of my Statements of Priorities, previously mentioned at my campaign for the presidential election, with sincere efforts and hard works. I really need your strong concerns and supports. With your cares and supports, the WCA will take revolutionary steps of reshaping and rebuilding to satisfy various wishes and hopes of members of WCA.